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Vana is a data ecosystem for users to reappropriate their data and data scientists to train machine learning models on previously siloed datasets

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Vana’s data vault gives people ownership of their data with security, privacy, and regulation in mind. Users control their data with private keys, bringing it across the internet however they choose. Users can grant permissions to data scientists, contributing their data towards training machine learning models to create more knowledge. Unlocking data creates new value for organizations while directly paying the users who generate and own the data.

Create the new data ecosystem

Vana’s digital wallet gives people ownership of their data with security, privacy, and regulation in mind. You can control your data, permissioned with your private keys to grant data scientists and organizations access so they can train machine learning models. Unlocking data will increase profit returns, improve user experience, and increase bargaining power for everyone.

Collect data in a safe and secure digital wallet

Easily transfer your personal data to a digital wallet where you are the only person that has a private key to access the database. This helps you bring your data with you across the blockchain internet and grant permissions to organizations. 

Train models with dreamy datasets

Data creators can partner with organizations to train machine learning models that will unleash the predictive value of data that’s currently siloed by the world’s largest technology companies. Helping people experience better services and enhancing organizational decision making.

Enhance premium value from data

Data creators and organizations can capture more value from data capital through meaningful profits, enhanced user experience, and increased bargaining power.

Explore the data delta

Vana is creating a way to unlock the value of this data and allow individuals and organizations to benefit from it. The river of data held by a few large companies now becomes the ‘data delta’: thousands of streams that flow to smaller organizations and projects that need it the most, helping create a more prosperous world.

Users Reappropriate Data using a Secure Vault

Users reappropriate their personal data to a data vault in their control. This makes their data portable across the digital world. For example, users can bring their data to a marketplace to rent and sell their data.

Data Scientists Train Models With Their Dream Datasets

Data scientists partner with users who grant access to their data to train machine learning models. Together, they increase competition and unleash the predictive value of data that is siloed within just a few large companies today.

Users Augment the value of data

Users augment the value of their data by answering questions to created labeled training datasets. These labeled datasets can be used for supervised machine learning models outside of the platform where the original data was generated. Users earn more by multiplying the value of their data through labeling.


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Build with Purpose

At Vana, we’re building for a more prosperous world — within our organization and with other organizations around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's this all about?

At Vana, our mission is to shift the flow of data for a more prosperous world. Our platform empowers users to reclaim their data from siloed services and put it to work for themselves, from making money by renting/selling it, gaining useful insights from it, and bringing it to different services.

When can I get paid?

You can rent or sell your data within the Vana marketplace and get paid per project. To get early access to the marketplace, join the waitlist above.

What data is collected?

Only the data that you explicitly choose to connect is in your Vana data wallet. Vana does not have access to login to any of the accounts you connect.

Is my data safe with Vana?

Vana follows security best practices and never shares your data without your permission. You can choose to share your data with specific projects or based on specific rules within the marketplace.

What is Vana?

Vana is a platform that allows users to collect and sell their data directly to businesses and get paid for it directly into their crypto wallets.

How can I earn from my data?

You can earn from your data by granting data scientists access to learn patterns from your anonymized data. You can cash out your earnings to a crypto wallet or to an Amazon gift card.

How can I stop my data from being collected by big tech?

With innovative legislation like CCPA (California) and GDPR (Europe), big tech companies are being forced to give users more control of data. On top of that, Vana allows the user to collect a broader range of more valuable data, to bypass and capture the value that big tech would otherwise get.

What is the difference between active and passive data?

Active data is the information that you submit directly through actions such as taking surveys and quizzes. Passive data is generated as a byproduct of other activities like browsing the internet or listening to music.