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Introducing Vana, the data marketplace that allows you to create value from your personal information. You decide what to share, who to share it with—and how much you want for it.

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Welcome to the new data economy

A bold new world where value creation realizes economic equality. Where shared vision creates wealth and opportunity for all. We’re building a new economy through the power of individual personal information, amplified through community.

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Join the movement to take control of your data. Earn income and capture your predictive value.

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Campaigns are submitted by organizations seeking your permission.

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Enhance your data through surveys, swipe preferences, and other adventures.

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Earn Crypto for your Music Data

New tools and laws are here for you to claim your stake in the digital data rush. After signing-up for an account, you’ll need to take a quiz, swipe your favorite clothing preferences, and accept a request to share your music data with Vana.

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What's this all about?

Vana is shifting the flow of data for a more prosperous world.

When can I get paid?

You will be able to get paid as soon as our app launches.

What data is collected?

Only the data that you sign up for will be collected. In the future, Vana may request access to browsing and other data but we will never take any data that you did not specifically grant to us.

Is my data safe with Vana?

Vana will only share your data with companies and programs that you’ve agreed to and are paying you for.

What is Vana?

Vana is a platform that allows users to collect and sell their data directly to businesses and get paid for it directly into their crypto wallets.

How can I earn from my data?

Our first mission will reward you once you enrich your data by completing our survey and integrating your music streaming data. You also earn rewards through our referral program if three of your friends complete the campaign. You can be paid either directly into your crypto wallet or via Amazon gift card.

How can I stop my data from being collected by big tech?

With innovative legislation like CCPA (California) and GDPR (Europe), big tech companies are being forced to give users more control of data. On top of that, Vana allows the user to collect a broader range of more valuable data, to bypass and capture the value that big tech would otherwise get.

What is the difference between active and passive data?

Active data is the information that you submit directly through actions such as taking surveys and quizzes. Passive data is generated as a byproduct of other activities like browsing the internet or listening to music.